History of other Eating Utensils

In addition to the main eating utensils that are regularly used today in the western hemisphere, other eating tools managed to find its popularity and place in our everyday lives. Here you can find more about fascinating histories of chopsticks, drinking straw, skewer, and toothpick and more.


History of Chopsticks

History of chopsticks spans several millennia of progress and innovation. Find out here how chopsticks traveled from a simple utility tool to one of the most popular eating utensils on the entire world.

Skewer Barbeque

History of Skewer

Since the ancient times, necessity of preparing food over the fire represented forced the creation of many helpful tools, and among them skewer took a prominent place. With its ease of manufacture and use, skewer managed to survive though ages to become one of the very popular eating utensils of modern times.


History of Toothpicks

Toothpicks are one of the most useful oral hygiene tools that were used in both ancient times and in modern civilization. Created by variety of materials across the ages, they finally gained worldwide popularity in late 19th century with the arrival of industrial revolution and mechanized production.

Drinking Straws

History of Drinking Straws

Drinking a cold beverage in a summer is not complete without drinking straw, but this useful eating utensil was not always present in our culture and eating tradition. Find out more how drinking straws came into popularity that they hold today.

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