Cutlery History

From the dawn of time, tools for eating enabled the survival of our ancestors. As their technology started improving, so did their tools, until they finally started taking shape of modern eating utensils. Here you can find out more about their fascinating history.

Two Forks

History of the Fork

Even though fork is one of the most important eating utensils today, there was a time when the entire western world lived without them. But with the advancements of industry and thoughts, fork managed to slip away from the royal courts of Europe and find its way on the table of many people today.

Wooden Spoons

History of the Spoon

Spoon is one of the oldest eating utensils in our human history. Created from various materials and different shapes, its use slowly spread across the world because of its undeniable usefulness in operating with liquids and small grain materials.

Knife Picture

History of the Knife

As one of the earliest tool mankind ever produced, knife played integral role in our survival, development and eating traditions. Here you can find out more about its incredible history and the path it created as the most important eating utensils ever made.

Spoons Picture

Timeline of Eating Utensils

Eating utensils followed us through the history from the moment our ancestors started walking in prehistoric Africa, to the modern times. Here you can find out more about most interesting points in time when eating utensils changed our lives and received major advancements.

Cutlery History - Fork, Spoons and Knife